MS Imaging

Developments in MS Imaging

MALDI MS Imaging (MALDI MSI) is a technology providing access to the 2D distribution or 3D volume reconstruction of endogenous and exogenous compounds from ex vivo thin tissue sections. MALDI MSI shows several advantages including
  • Access to the distribution of hundreds molecules in one acquisition.
  • Access to various classes of endogeneous molecules (metabolites, lipids, peptides & proteins) or exogenous molecules (drugs, xenobiotics)
  • No need of prerequisite knowledge on the molecules to study
  • No need to use tagged or probes molecules

Download Related Publications to MALDI MS Imaging

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    We have at CLIC Imaging Core Facility a long knowledge in the MALDI MS Imaging technology and been involved in the developments of several improvements and strategies for the technology

Ionic Matrixes
Matrix is a central piece of the MALDI desorption/ionization process.
We have develop new matrixes dedicated to MALDI MS Imaging applications namely ionic matrixes. Ionic matrixes are organic salts obtained through acid/base reaction between conventional MALDI matrices and different organic bases. We have developed ionic matrixes for various classes of biomolecules which are either solid (SIMs) or Liquid (LIMs). Selected ionic matrixes show superior results than conventional matrixes for tissue profiling or imaging.

Download Related Publications & Patents

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    Download Supplementray Data
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Clinical FFPE Samples
Formalin Fixed & Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Samples is the world standards for tissue conservation in Hospital for Clinics. Indeed FFPE samples show a peculiarly good stability along the conservation time and superior morphology preservation after sectioning. However, FFPE samples show certain specifies due to the formalin fixation that induces proteins cross-linking within tissue sections. We have developed strategies for studying FFPE samples coming from hospital libraries. Our strategies involved controlled on tissue digestion of proteins.

Download Related Publications

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