Developments of Specific MS Imaging and MS Immunoassays


TAGMASS project

Imaging of various targets

  1. -Antigens using tagged antibodies
  2. -Antigens using tagged aptamers
  3. -mRNA using tagged oligonucleotides
  4. -Oligosaccharides using tagged leptins

ATAMS project aims consists in the development of a multiplex based on the TAG-MASS ™ technology. This novel generation is highly sensitive technology allowing to detected biomarkers in fluids at atmol range for early diagnoses of several clinical pathologies. ATAMS (project will thus be based on the originally US patent developed by PRISM ) with a novel Tag synthesis created on click chemistry for a more rapid and cheaper production for kits production. Based on this novel generation of UTP-tagged mass, ATAMS can be used in clinics either for biomarkers titration in fluids or for pathogens identification.